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The 7 Productivity Apps To Try In 2016

How To Stay Productive Working Remotely

I have a love/hate relationship with my tech products. Before leaving London and whilst experimenting with being location independent and working remotely. I’ve been working for myself one year now and I picked up a couple of tools that have helped me to stay productive. My choice of apps is coming from a place of not liking to be on my devices, but knowing that I need something to keep me accountable and focused. So here is my list:


This app works by running in the background on my Macbook, counting the amount of time I spend on various websites. I use it for personal accountability as it allows me to see which websites I use the most, and divides the time into categories such as social media or news. With this data, I know where I need to cut down on, especially if I am trying to create new habits. Note, if there is an idle tab opened it counts that as well.

Get The App here.


What is a productivity list without the mention of Evernote? I only tapped into Evernote last year, and I felt like I missed out on the biggest party of the year. Now I’m a fiend for Evernote. I have it on all my devices and when inspiration hits I type in a new note and once I’m connected to a wifi it syncs without me having to copy and paste or email myself. I also save links for my weekly social media and type my blog posts in Evernote. I always type my blog posts in Evernote first – this is just another way I work to help me stay focused.

Get Evernote from the Apple Store.


Have you ever found yourself in an online webinar and the speaker says something that you want to check out but you want to keep on watching them without having to keep swapping tabs? Or if you’re like me, and you have numerous browser tabs open but you are working in Evernote so you are swapping between numerous screens. Magnet allows you to split the screen and into halves, thirds and even quarters. Saves me so much time.

Get Magnet from the Apple Store.

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This is the newest app that I’ve downloaded onto my Macbook and I’m in LOVE! This app, based on your geographical location, syncs the brightness of your laptop with the sun. What that means, “it makes the colour of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day”. I’ve already seen an improvement in my sleep because, get this, every half an hour on the approach to midnight I get a notification telling me I’m waking in x amount of hours. I don’t know why, but seeing that notification makes me work harder and not want to stay up too late. Download it now from their website, you won’t regret it.

BlogPad Pro

This app is for blogging on the go and I use it on my iPad. I have websites that run on WordPress and the WordPress app isn’t ideal. Then I got the BlogPad Pro app and this app is great as I can edit drafts, correct typos, manage comments, check my stats and literally run my blog from this app. Go to their website for more details.

Kill News Feed

This is a Google Chrome app and it removes the distracting Facebook news feed when you open the page. Great for people like me who get easily distracted by cute cat videos when they only went onto Facebook to get someone’s details. Download this app now from the Chrome Store and stop yourself from getting distracted.

Self Control

This is the app that saves me. When you really want to focus, you list your most distracting websites, list it on SelfControl, give it a time frame and once it starts to run you cannot open those distracting sites – even in incognito mood or you restart your computer. It’s a savage and it’s perfect to keep me focused. Download it from here.

It is still the first quarter of the year so I could learn more about new apps but so far these apps are essential in my personal management for keeping me on track. Do you have any other apps that you think I should check out? Leave the name in the comments below, please and thank you 😉 .

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