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My Digital Nomad Experience In Colombia

Not all who wander are lost.
J.R.R. Tolkien

Location independence is not backpacking

I started off the trip lingering in places for a while. This was good because it gave me a routine and afforded me the opportunity to be productive and participate in activities. However, this did not last long as I met travellers who told me about great places to check out. Overcome by temptation I gave in. I went hiking in the Andes, learnt how to scuba dive, volunteered at a microbrewery, and the list just went on. By the end of the second month, I realised that I was backpacking and not tending to my responsibilities. There are some entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of travel and work, but I haven’t as yet so my productivity flourishes in familiarity and routine.

Next time: Creating a routine that balances work

Puma the cat and I warming ourselves

I did not get a good work/life balance

One of the big draws of being location independent is the opportunity to create a better work and life balance. Perhaps it was the projects that I was working on, but when I worked I worked and when I played, I completely forgot about my work. I blame it on the thrill of being somewhere new, but I know better. And those who know better should do better. I’ve been better at having a work + play balance in London because travelling was the goal. Being in Colombia meant the goal was achieved so it was easy for me to forget what my priorities were.

Next Time: Travel and work with a purpose.

Los Pailones Buga Hostel Pipo Tours

I found a new way to work

Back in London, it took me months to develop a personal management routine that allowed me to get work done. Travelling on the road messed all my hard work up. On a regular basis, my mind is like a computer with 50 tabs open. I get through all of them but I feel exhausted and burnt out. When I went to Colombia, my mind shifted. I often woke up and drank a cup of coffee admiring nature. Then I met a guy who started off his day reading a novel. I tried the same. As simple and trivial these changes seem, it was difficult for me to go back to my old way of working. It now feels like a holistic way of working as I’m more present. I’m now starting my day, not thinking of anything and then giving my brain a fun activity to do. This seems counterintuitive to the ‘boss mode’ of being an entrepreneur but it’s working for me.

Next Time: Continue to experiment with new ways to work. Perhaps even try renting out office space

South West Bay, Providencia Colombia
South West Bay, Providencia

I found clarity in my brand

I usually get comments on how clear the manifesto is for MPC but I still struggled with my branding. I found that too often people didn’t even know what it was that I was doing. I took this very personally because I thought of all the work I had put into MPC and still people were unsure about what I was doing. Whilst travelling, I didn’t work much on MPC but I started questioning my business. I started to look at my business with critical eyes and I questioned everything. In the final weeks, I had a mental eureka moment. I knew the purpose of MPC and what was needed to do for the new year. I was excited for my brand again – which was something I hadn’t felt in a while. Changes are coming to MPC – I’ve already made the switch from Squarespace to WordPress and this is big for me. This renewed vision and passion for MPC is coming with better products and services (which is why I updated the ‘Services‘ page) which I’m really excited about. Be on the lookout for updates over the coming weeks.

Next Time: Don’t deviate from branding! Follow through on ideas

Overall, Colombia was such an amazing experience that I did not want to leave and I see myself going back. The next location independence experiment could be me moving there. Watch this space 😉

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