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The Jardin of Eden: The Prettiest Pueblo Close To Medellin

The Pueblo of Flowers And Waterfalls

When people come to Medellin, they try to fit in all that Colombia has to offer – jungle, city life and coffee. I am writing a series looking at different options that you could have within easy access from Medellin. First on that list, for experiencing Colombian coffee is Jardin.

Though not technically apart of the area of Colombia that has the UNESCO world heritage title, it falls close to the region and is close enough to Medellin without needing to fly there. Coffee is one of Jardin’s claim to fame. However, Jardin is famous for it’s waterfalls and has been affectionately called the most beautiful pueblo in Colombia.

When I first went there, the impressive Cueva del Esplendor was closed for maintenance (boo!) so another trip is needed. However, I did make the walk out to the river and walked passed two mini waterfalls. We chilled at the river, enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty talking and breathing in fresh air (you will know how much that is appreciated after being in Medellin for a while).

What to do

Depending on the time of the year, check out the Festival of Roses (January – you can check out their tourism website for more information). Take the cable car up to see the views of the town. People watch in the square. Buy unique jam flavours from Cafe Macanas and drink a cappuccino afterwards. This is a family owned cafe and has numerous branches in town. There’s a large one and tiny one both on the main square. A couple streets back is the third one where you can buy the jams. Check out Cueva del Esplendor (if it is open). If not, grab a book or a journal and read at the river and be grateful to be surrounded by nature.

Where to eat

There are plenty of places for your traditional Colombian food, but if you want something with less meat check out these restaurants:

  • Pastelatte Gourmet– I had their quesadillas and it was really good. We asked them if they could make a vegetarian option, i.e. take out the meat and just leave the vegetables and were told this was not possible. If you can eat meat, you won’t have any problems
  • Cafe Europa – there is always a queue for the restaurant. Jardin’s answer to Medellin’s Cafe Zorba but with meat. Proper Italian bases and unique but delicious toppings. So nice went back twice.
  • Bon appetit – A Mediterranean-Orietal fusion restaurant. As weird as that sounds, the food was pretty good.
  • Cafe Macanas – is also great for breakfast – just pick a branch whether you just want a bakery or to sit down and eat. The larger branch on the square has tables overlooking the square so this is also an option (bring a book and your camera)

Where to stay

The hostel I stayed at is now closed but I walked past the Charco Corazon and this hotel has mini-cabins that are closer to the river than to the town. This really increases the sense of a nature break.

Cafe Macanas in photos

Some photos from the Festival of Roses

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