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Buenavista, Quindio: The Window To Heaven

Amazing Views From Panorama Hostel

This blog post is not sponsored by Panorama Hostel, but I had to share views I had from this hostel.

Buenavista is called the window to paradise. Whether it was a foggy, early morning or a clear day, the views meant I always had my camera in my hand because I agreed with the title.

I drank good coffee here. I ate delicious trout here. I watched amazing sunsets here.

I laughed. I spent good times with a friend I made the previous year before. I journalled. I hit the reset button on my life here.

Will I come back? Most definitely. Colombia’s most awarded cafe and one of my favourite restaurants are in the town. So I definitely see myself going back.

Do I recommend Buenavista? Hell yea!

The smallest pueblo I’ve been to so far, Buenavista has a special place in my heart. Although it is an effort to get to from Medellin, whenever I decide to go I know that I’m doing my heart (and lungs) good. Buenavista ignites my creativity. 

It’s great to see that there are places in the Eje Cafetera that aren’t as touristy as Salento.

So come check out Buenavista! For more details on visiting Buenavista, check out my previous post for accommodation listings.


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