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Beyond Sahara: That Time I Partied In The Sahara Desert

Every now and again you get the opportunity to take part in something that reminds you just how blessed you are to be alive. This happened for me when I got the chance to go to Morocco and partied at Beyond Sahara, which is weird because I have never left a party feeling blessed.

I am acquainted with one of the founders, and got the chance to see the promo video before the website went live. I told him – “I’m going to be one of your first customers.” A four day Moroccan trip, across the Sahara desert where you can star gaze, do yoga, sandboarding and boogie all night! This was not a hard sale for me nor was it hard to convince 3 friends to come along. Another one of those ‘best decisions’ feelings crept over me the whole trip.

Fixers presents B E Y O N D Sahara from Fixers on Vimeo.

I tried to be good on this trip, I really did. After galavanting around Colombia, I decided not to spend extra time in Morocco (I’ll save the rest of Morocco for a later trip ;-)) and to take it easy while focusing on having fun with my girls. This included journalling, laughing, going for walks on my own and taking naps. Then at night I star gazed and boogied. So no I didn’t sand board, do yoga in the desert or played volleyball. It’s not my usual adventurous self but self love is the best love, right?

The DJ’s were good – Cirque Du Soul, Shorebitch, Patrick Nazemi and Applebum just to name a few. The socialising was good. The food was good. What was great was the scenery. Nothing could top that. The way the light looked across the sand dunes during the day was intoxicating. The beauty of such a harsh climate was truly overwhelming. I couldn’t decide whether I felt small living on this planet or blessed to see these sights every time I opened my eyes.

Then it was the stars at night – surreal beauty. Although we came to party, being in a location with no noise pollution was unreal too. No birds, crickets chirping, dogs barking – complete silence. That was precious too.

On my last night, my friends and I sat on the dunes singing Disney songs. It was pitch black, really cold, the stars were out and we were huddled together, laughing. It’s just one of those experiences that I don’t even know how I will explain to the grandkids. I went to the desert to party. Sigh…what a time to be alive.

Apart from the fun I had partying and even the beauty of the dunes, it was the change in weather and scenery whilst driving across Morocco. In one day, we drove through intense fog, hail, snow and made it to the desert. It was fascinating to see how the climate changed within driving by 1 hour!

Now, from my understanding the party will continue but the destination may not be the same. The USP of Beyond is that the location changes each time. To stay in the loop, definitely sign up for the email newsletter. I got my eyes still set on Colombia for now so I don’t think I will be at the next event, but never say never ;-).


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  1. What time of year did you go? We spent a night in the Sahara during a trip to Morocco in December. Awfully cold at night but we would it again just to feel all the things you so beautifully expressed here! Lol @ “I’ve never left a party feeling blessed”…that’s a classic line!

    • Shari N. Shari N.

      Hey, thank you so much for replying! I went in February and it was COLD. But it’s good because if you go in summer, camel spiders come out of hibernation and I liked walking through the dunes barefoot without that worry ;). Honestly, the Sahara was truly one of the most beautiful destinations that I’ve been to. I want to go back but perhaps to Senegal or Mauritania. I read your post on finding your identity in Morocco and I couldn’t agree more. Morocco really had an impact on me as a black traveller and made me want to explore Africa more.

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