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About Me



My name is Shari Nunes and I love to travel. I know that sounds so generic because I have a travel blog and every Tom Jones and his aunt who has a travel blog must surely love to travel. It doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy travelling. I have experimented with different styles – weekending, resort life and backpacking, but my favourite is slow independent travel and how it has different meanings for others. For me slow travel means minimalism, learning a new culture/language, creating relationships with the locals and the empowerment of self. I grow the most in solo travel, so I always travel with a diary and I write some of my thoughts under the ‘Self Love‘ category.

For those who always ask, MPC is my startup and is one of the ways that I fund my travels

Why the name ‘Salty Mango‘? I was waiting for a bus in Southern Colombia going between Mocoa and Pitalito. At the bus station, the only food available were fried foods. There usually is someone selling some kind of fruit so I walked through the different stalls looking for something healthy. I boarded my bus after not finding anything. As I waited for the bus to get full, a man with a cart walked into the bus station selling mango. I called to him from the bus window and before he handed me the fruit, he asked me if I wanted salt on it. And it was that incident that inspired the name.




I am interested in:

  • Sustainability and eco-tourism
  • Scuba diving
  • Minimalism
  • Women empowerment
  • And the beach… of course

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you find the content worthy to be shared 😀


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